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Ms Dora May was born in North Carolina. She is the wife to her wonderful husband and a mother of three sons. She is also a grandmother of 8 and currently a great grandmother.

Ms Dora holds an Associate degree in Social Work, Bachelor of Science degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Special Education. For 30 plus years she has been a teacher, counselor and a behavioral specialist. Recently becoming an entrepreneur, she lectures with eloquence and passion, the importance of including etiquette along with hospitality as a part of everyday life.

Ms Dora is a Director of Ministries. For over 15years, Ms Dora has served as an evangelist and is now a new author. Still today, the best chosen position that she upholds is her B.A. in Jesus Christ: “Born Again,” with 34 years in service. Ms Dora firmly believes that if everyone would discover that they are children of the Most High GOD, they would then know that they are Sons and Daughters of the King. Even for the rich, famous and notable, it is not enough to be a good person but you definitely need to be a chosen one of the King’s own.